Pit Wagon Menomonie Public Library


July 11, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Information Desk
715.232.2164 x210
Special Events
Pit Wagon musical group

First time to Music Over Menomin we’re excited to welcome the country-rock and folk group Pit Wagon.

Pit Wagon makes “country rock gems with a cowboy punk twist” – Volume One

“Pit Wagon’s been making music together for almost three years now, playing tons of live shows all over the area. They’re friends first, bandmates second; they’re tight on stage and off. On their first record, a self-titled effort that came out back in 2014, Pit Wagon established themselves with a collection of songs for drinkin’ and thinkin’ with a  light-hearted touch. Now three years later, Well simultaneously sounds both more ecstatic and darker than their debut. For every roll-the-windows-down moment, there’s a handful of gut punches. Like on one of the record’s best songs, “Universe,” Vold simply goes: “I’m fine with all you people, but I’m better on my own / I like things when they’re here, I like ’em more when they’re gone.” – Volume One